The Beauty of Breaks From Social Media

I recently watched The Social Dilemma (twice) which threw me back into awareness of how much social media dominates our every day. I immediately deleted all of the apps off of my phone and have felt so much more alive ever since. A few things I love:

⁃ I feel so much more space in my mind and as a result, in my days

⁃ I do more exploring ; for example I’m writing this during sunset at the beach after work rather than ending up on the couch

⁃ I live my days without crippling comparison. It’s crazy how you can decide to have a solo day and be so happy about it, until seeing a few posts of people with a bunch of friends throws you into a spiral of loneliness

⁃ I enjoy moments for me. Not for getting a story of it. Have you ever reflected on how often we take pictures for Instagram rather than ourselves? This puts a whole lot of people pleasing into what could remain as a creative outlet.

⁃ I do the things I want to do: write, cook dinner, fold my laundry. This might seem simple, but it’s so easy to get caught in hours of a social media abyss right when you get home in order to “relax”

⁃ I don’t miss social media. I really don’t. Whenever I break these hiatus it’s always do to pure boredom. Imagine how much more I could do if I challenged myself to do new things to cure my boredom

⁃ I can focus more on the positives in my day. Not anyone else’s.

⁃ My energy is only spent towards people I love and choose to interact with, rather than those couple of people who the algorithm decides to tell me way too much about (even though I spend no real time with them and never have)

I challenge everyone to try to take a break for at least a week and see how it feels. The first time I did it I was amazed by how many times a day, regularly subconsciously, I reached to unlock my phone. There is so much power that comes from disconnecting and reconnecting with yourself.


  1. Mary McGough says:

    I enjoy your writing so much (on the beach writing visual 💙). I too watched The Social Dilemma and came away with eye-openers. Being aware of your real surroundings is a blessing. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bailey Clark says:

      Love you!! ♡♡


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