Gloomy Weather

We are so spoiled by sunny weather 99% of the time in California, that when we have a day of clouds, we take it as a sign to do NOTHING. However when a couple of those days string together in a row, this becomes mundane. Making this list as a reminder of fun activities I can do when the skies are dark and waves are weak:

  • Watercolor paint (look to Pinterest for inspiration)
  • Go to a bookstore and read
  • Doodle on Procreate on my iPad (use pictures for inspiration, or practice mandalas)
  • Explore and practice photography
  • Cook a new recipe (this is a fulfilling form of self care—I know it doesn’t feel that way when you get out of the habit)
  • Go on a walk (enjoy the silence, call a friend/family member, listen to a podcast)
  • Take care of my plants (repot them, look into how to restore those that are sad)
  • Learn how to sew (I’ve wanted to do this forever! I could salvage so many pieces of clothing with this skill)

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