Warm and Glassy Winter Day

January surprised us with a Summer Day yesterday.

I had looked at the forecast the day before and seen 79° and sunny, and immediately submit a request for a shorter Friday at work (every summer, my company offers Summer Fridays, where we can wrap up work around 1, but they’ve been extended this year.) Pro tip: find a pursuit that allows you to achieve a work-life balance.

We grabbed our favorite books and boards and walked over to the beach and were instantly hit with the sweet heat of the sun for what felt like the first time in forever. The ocean water was crystal clear and glassy.

I was so excited to see that the swell brought in 5-6 foot shore break yesterday. It was unforgiving as it broke, but man, did it bring a rush! The sun was so bright that it was sparkling off of the water.

After surfing for a little while, I came in to meet JP on the sand, relax, and read. My current fix is The Alchemist, which I’ll have to add to my list of good reads. I forgot how relaxing it can be to read fiction, and the reminders of what’s important in life that are sprinkled throughout are profound.

We beached it until sunset, which was so gorgeous and clear. The onshore wind never picked up, which made for a gorgeous reflection of the pink and orange colors that painted the sky.

At one point, JP looked over at me and said “there’s no place in the world I’d rather be right now” and I agreed. It’s hard to think of anything more captivating and healing than the ocean + sun, and we are so lucky to get to live so close. ♡