Good Reads

Included some of all my all time favorite books so that you have inspiration for the next one you want to sink your teeth into.

Understanding Humanity

The Charisma Myth

Have you admired a magnetic person in your life and wished you could have that quality? You can. This book shares that charisma is a learnable skill, and teach you practical steps to improving your personal and professional persona.

Thinking Fast and Slow

If you are interested in psychology (and how people work) I highly recommend this book. It will teach all about how we think, and you will be able to apply these learnings to all parts of life in order to master your understanding of others.


I recommend these books to anyone interested in gaining a new perspective drawn from what exists in our superficial day to day.

The Power of Now

Those close to me are very aware of how much I love the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. This book will challenge you to think in ways you have never before and completely change your perspective on life. It resonated with me on a level much beyond the physical mind.

A New Earth

If you can’t get enough of the teachings from The Power of Now, this should be your next book. It brings you to a deeper understanding of the concepts so that you can identify them in your daily life and easily return to the present moment at any time.

The Universe Has Your Back

If you are just beginning to let your curiosity venture into the realm of spirituality, I highly recommend starting with this book. Gabby Bernstein describes how the universe constantly supports us in practical, easy to understand ways.

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

If you are interested in how spirituality connects with the physical world (specifically scientific concepts) I highly recommend reading or listening to Deepak Chopra, specifically this book. It is mind blowing and teaches you that there are no coincidences.

Have a book you’re dying to share? I’d love to hear it

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