Finding a Balance

The Constant Sway

I challenged my limits in a new yoga pose today and almost sprung forward into my mat. I made an adjustment to find my equilibrium again and noticed how overwhelmingly great it felt t to be balanced again.

This reminded me of that in order to find true balance, sometimes you need to experience a wild imbalance. Furthermore, a perfect balance may not be achievable.

During each phase of our life, we are given new challenges that to detract from us true harmony. But the truth is, eternal happiness, stillness, and light is always there waiting in the background for you. And it’s always waiting for you to reconnect to it.

Reminder from Fluctuation

Noticed fluctuation between the amount of energy between flowing the things that are important to me reminds me how much I have to be grateful for.

I’m counting my blessings for all of the things that drive me.

Love || My Career || Genuine Friends || Time spent in Nature || Yoga Practice || Being Alone

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